1. Order
You have the possibility of online placing your order starting from the present Website. SHOP ONLINE ARGAN WORLD BELGIUM. The order can be recorded on the Website only if you were clearly identified. Any order is worth fast acceptance of these general terms of sale as well as prices and description of the market products.
All the prices mentioned on this site understand the Belgian VAT at the rate of 21% excluded for the food substances which understand a VAT of 6%
We are not held to deliver the orders received on the Website only within the limit with stocks available of the selected products. If the article is exhausted, you will be held immediately informed of the exhaustion of stock

2. Security

The payment by map is carried out by our partners Pay Stake and SKRILL, HIPAY. All the transactions between the customers and us, like between us and PAY STAKE, SKRILL and HIPAY, are always protected and saved by using means of standard security (SSL/HTTPS). The terms and conditions of your banking company are valid except in the event of prohibition of use of your map. Your card number and information with personal capacity is protected by PAY STAKE, SKRILL and HIPAY will not be communicated to other companies. We formally avoid memorizing the banking card numbers

3. Condition and expenses of delivery

A: For Belgium
Our parcels are sent by the Post office in sending B Pack 24h00 - Shipping costs 8.20€
For any order realized on whose amount is equal or higher than an amount of 59.00 €uros, the shipping costs are FREE for the sendings in Belgium only.
The sending of the parcels is not guaranteed against the loss and the destruction.

B: Other Countries
EUROPEAN UNION: Rates of the Shipping costs of the Post office in force
THE REST OF THE WORLD: Rates of the shipping costs of the post office in force

The rates of the post office in Belgium are visible on the website of the post office in Belgium:
For all information thank you to contact us by e-mail [email protected]
We are not responsible in the event of loss, of flight or deterioration of the goods, during postal transport.
Moreover we could not be held of the expenses of refunding of delivery, But recently, we concluded a contract with the post office and an insurance for a maximum amount from 500.00€ covering the losses and deteriorations of the parcels sent in Belgium

4. Method of payment
You can pay, by credit card via our Partner Pay stake, Skrill, Hipay or by anticipatory European credit transfer on our bank account BNP Paribas FORTIS
IBAN: BE24 0016 1705 2038

5. Term of payment per map
We accept via Pay Stake and Skrill, Hipay, all the credit cards of which visa cards, MasterCard, Eurocard, Credit card. The payment by map is carried out by our partner Pay Stake, Hipay and Skrill and has the best security conditions banking.

6. Delivery periods
In Belgium from 1 to 5 working days as of reception of the payment. You can follow the advance of your sending ( via N° of alignment of your sending.
Other Countries, the orders are dispatched the day of the reception of the payment.
You will receive your order in 5 to 20 days according to the method of payment and the destination.
The delivery periods for the European Countries, will depend especially on the foreign post offices. N° of follow-up B World Pack could be sent to your request.

7. Stock shortage
If one of our products is temporarily in stock shortage we will retain all the products of your order while waiting for that we can you deliver the integrality of your order. We commit ourselves getting in touch by e-mail to agree on a partial sending. In this case, the second sending will be with our load.

8. Warranties and Responsibilities
You profit from the legal warranty of the latent defects on the delivered products. They are guaranteed against any defect of matter or manufacturing, for one one month duration as from the delivery date.
Under this warranty, the only obligation of the salesman consists in replacing the product found defective by its services, other than all damage interests or allowances
The products of the  site must be preserved safe from moisture, of a too high temperature or a too intense luminosity

The liability the products will thus be excluded which would not have been stored under the above mentioned conditions.
We are not responsible in the event of loss, of flight or deterioration of the goods, during postal transport.
Moreover we could not be held of the expenses of refunding of delivery.
In addition, we will not be regarded as persons in charge nor failing for any consecutive delay or inexecution with supervening of an emergency or for any order which would have been passed through a minor, that the parents have or not, authorized this order.
We do not have, for all the stages of access to the site, of the process of order, the delivery or the posterior services, that an obligation of means.
Our responsibility could not be committed for all the disadvantages or damage inherent in the use of Internet network, in particular a rupture of the service, an intrusion external or the presence of computer viruses, or done everything qualified major force, in accordance with jurisprudence.
In addition, it is specified that the property of the ordered Products will be transferred to you only as from the total payment from the invoiced price, including the expenses of treatment, delivery and payment.

9. Right of retraction
If you are a consumer in comparison with the law of April 6th, 2010 relating to the practices of the market and the consumer protection, you have the right to cancel an order within a period of 14 days after reception of the products (that does not apply to the companies). If you wish to return us our products within a period of 14 days, you must imperatively contact by e-mail our Customer service ([e-mail protected]) to inform them of your desire to turn over our products. Include your number of order and the reasons for which you wish to cancel your order, you will then receive instructions explaining you how to proceed by e-mail.
Attention, do not forget to take care of the goods as long as it will be in your possession, the products damaged or used will not be accepted. Moreover they will have to be returned in their packing of origin.
The expenses of reference of our products are with our load.
The reference of the products is done at your own risks.
If all the conditions are met, the amount of the order will be refunded
The right of retractation will thus not apply for:
• Articles damaged, dirtied, carried, repaired by thirds and/or the purchaser.
• Incomplete articles (missing parts, instructions and/or accessories)
• The articles whose packing is not origin
In the event of abusive returns, we reserve the right to refuse a further order of a customer.

10. Personal data
Your personal data are necessary to the treatment of your order and can, at no moment, being sold, marketed or rented with thirds.
You have a right of access, modification, correction and opposition relative to your personal data by contacting us at this address:[email protected]

11. Intellectual property.
We have the Industrial entirety of the intellectual property laws and (copyright, the designs and models, the brands, the software, the databases….) relative to all the elements of this website, which they are visual or sound, including subjacent technology. They remain our whole and exclusive property.
Information, logos, drawings, brands, models, slogans, charters graphic, and generally, the ads and their contents (produced sold) etc accessible through the present Website are also protected by the right of the Intellectual property and Industrial. Except if we expressly authorized you for this purpose, you are not authorized to modify, reproduce, rent, borrow, sell, distribute or create products or original and derived works based in whole or part on the elements present on this Website. It is consequently prohibited (and the user cannot grant to others the authorization) to copy, diffuse, modify, create a product or a work derived or original identical, similar or concurrent with the elements diffused and sold on this Website, to reverse the design or the assembly or in any other manner of trying to find the source code, to sell, allot, under-lay off or transfer from some manner that it is straight related at the present Website and its contents.
If you have a website with personal capacity and wish to place, for a personal use, on your site a simple link returning directly to the Home Page of this Website, we thank you for asking it beforehand to us. In all the cases, any link, will have to be withdrawn on request of our share.

12. Acceptance of the conditions of sale
The customer admits having taken knowledge, at the time of, the general term order taking of sales stated on these pages and expressly states to accept them without reserves.
Indeed, the fact of placing order on this Website carries acceptance full and whole these General terms of Sale which are accessible constantly on this Website and in particular at the time from the recording of the order. Except contrary proof, the data which we record constitute the proof of the transactions and their date.
The General terms of Sale constitute the only agreement between the parts and prevail on any other document. If a condition had suddenly been lacking, she would be considered to be regulated by the uses in force in the sector of the distance sellings whose companies have their head office in Belgium.

13. Expenses related to the VAT
The amount of your order understands a VAT of 21% for all the products except the food substances which understand a VAT of 6%. All the prices mentioned on mean VAT Included (TVAC) If you are fixed with the VAT, mention it during the ordering in the zone of the comments.
ARGAN ARGANE SOUSS reserves the right to modify the price of the products constantly but the products are invoices on the basis of going rate at the time of the recording of the orders.

14. Applicable duty and Courts
In the event of litigation, the courts of Brussels in Belgium are the only qualified ones and will apply the Belgian right.

15. We to contact (Mail) this address is not a store.

RUS SAINTE MARIE 11/302 - 1080 Bruxelles

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IBAN: BE24 0016 1705 2038
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