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Natural Clay Powder 25 kilos

Ghassoul powder is a clay soil with a fibrous structure. It is saponiferous, that is to say that it contains a large amount of natural foaming saponins. Ghassoul emulsifies naturally with water, it absorbs impurities and grease without attacking the protective lipid film of the skin or the protective sheath of the hair. Known for centuries for its cleansing and purifying properties, this clay absorbs sebum (without irritating the sebaceous glands) and gently cleanses the hair, without a detergent effect. The hair regains shine and tone, with even a little more volume. On the skin, ghassoul cleans impurities and eliminates blackheads. It is also perfectly suited to sensitive or fragile skin.

CLAY GHASSOUL RHASSOUL POWDERS 25000 GR. is available to buy in increments of 1

Conditioning: 25000 G Clay out of powder loan with employment

Quality: 100% natural. Collected on preserved spot, free from any pollution, then dried naturally with the sun, clay is then pulverized then filtered to obtain a powder micronized (very fine).

Known since centuries for its cleaning and purifying properties, this clay absorbs the sebum (without irritating sebaceous glands) and cleans the hair carefully, without detergent effect. The hair finds brightness and tonicity, with same a little more volume. On the skin, the ghassoul cleans the impurities and eliminates the blackheads. It is in addition completely adapted to the sensitive or fragile skins.

For the hair: to mix the ghassoul with tepid water until obtaining a homogeneous mud. To apply this paste to the hair, to let act a few moments. To make foam then with the hands by massing the scalp slightly then to rinse abundantly.

For the face: to apply the ghassoul masks some, to let dry then to rinse with an astringent water (medicated water of witch hazel for example).

For the body: after having rubbed the skin with a massage glove (to activate circulation), to apply the ghassoul in thick layers by carrying out circular motions. To let dry the cataplasm then to rinse vigorously.

Another suggestion: in a very hot bath, to pour 100 G of ghassoul to reduce the cellulitis (with 15 drops of Releasing or Draining oil of bath).

Precaution for use: Not to apply to the eyes, not to swallow.

Storage: To keep in a closed container, safe from the air, the light and moisture.

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